The “OWLS” or “Older Workers in the Lord’s Service” are our senior
adult members who come together to fellowship and serve
throughout the year.  There are many activities planned to keep
our senior adults active in our church and community.  

Upcoming “OWLS” Activities

All dates are subject to change. Please watch the announcements for details about each event. For more information, please watch the announcements or see the OWLS bulletin board. If you have any other questions, please see Mary Benoist.
OWLS Fun & Fellowship
                  Bring your own snacks and join the OWLS in the Fellowship Hall                   
for an evening of games and fellowship.
April Fun & Fellowship Dates
Friday, April 9th at 5pm
Friday, April 16th at 5pm
Friday, April 23rd at 5pm
Friday, April 30th at 5pm