Here at FBC Desloge, we have many different Sunday School Classes for you to enjoy.  The children and youth are broken down by grades (or ages for pre-schoolers) and are on the lower level of the church.  
The adult classes are divided up by life stages. There is not, however, a set classroom that you must attend, but we encourage you to find a classroom you are comfortable in.  You may visit different classes each Sunday until you find the class that is the best fit for you.  Here is a list of the current classes and a brief description of their group.  
Faithful Disciples:  
Ruth Class
Dorcas Class
Beginning Families
Bridge the Gap
Anchor Class
Sisters and Seasons
Helpers Class
Early Homebuilders Class
Faithful Workers Class: A group of women whose ages span the 50's and 60's, who love the Lord and each other.  They study the Bible together and share their thoughts and feelings.  They also like to minister wherever there is a need.  The local food pantry is an ongoing ministry.  They have fun and fellowship together monthly, sometimes on a trip or sometimes here at church.  
Steadfast Class
Homebuilders Class