Your Pastor’s Perspective – December 2014

“In the early 1990’s I committed my entire life to Jesus following Him on a daily mission trip called the Gospel Ministry.  About mid-December 2014, however, I was reminded of something this church says over-and-over again—namely, you do not have to go on a mission trip to share the Gospel with the lost. In mid-December I received a call to share the Gospel with a Park Hills man living on hospice.  Without going into all of the details, I presented the Gospel and eventually the man made a confession of faith.  Praise the Lord!

As I pen this article it is the third week of Advent and I am already thinking about all of the evangelistic opportunities this church will have in 2015.  At the forefront are 260+ athletes that will be pounding the gym floor playing basketball, cheerleading and hearing about Jesus.  Then there are summer mission trips and volunteers going to various camps.  Those last two require a faith commitment of time and money to go serve Jesus away from home.  This church will gladly support, pray and send all of our members who are led to go.  However, again, you do not have to go on a mission trip to share the Gospel.  You can—MUST—do it where you live.

That is why new in 2015 this church is going to commit to be in every parade the Parkland and to evangelistically tail-gate at NC and Central’s Homecoming football games. I asked for funding in the 2015 budget to do this. It is approved.  Now all I need are people who desire to help with this outreach so that our church can become more visible with the Gospel in our surrounding communities.   If you are not led to go on a mission trip or help at the various camps this year, would you consider opening your heart to the idea of representing the Lord and this church by serving in 2015’s community outreach ministry? The church needs creative and crafty people to make relevant parade floats,  pass out literature, throw candy, cook tail-gating food and love on those celebrating small-town life with us.  Pray about it and let me know.