Your Pastor’s Perspective – June 2015

Have you looked at your summer schedule yet?  I did a few weeks ago and kinda wish I hadn’t!  Wowzers…what was I thinking when I committed to so many things?  I know what I was thinking. God is doing a lot though this church and I want to be a part of as much of it as I possibly can. As I think about the events of this summer I also stand in awe.  Not in awe of the stuff.  I stand in awe that this church is in a watershed* moment of time. 


Here is what I mean by watershed. Picture the totality of a winter’s snowfall on the Rocky Mountains.  In the springtime snow on the lower peaks begin to melt.  Depending upon which side of the mountain the snow is on determines where the melt will flow.  For certain, the water shedding off of one side of the Rockies will never mingle with the water shedding off of the other side.  In fact, the water will flow further part in two different locations.


How is all of this imagery relevant to our church’s summer?   This summer our church will be making two decisions that will determine if we are flowing into God’s will or flowing away from God’s will. First, in a few weeks we will be determining if Josh Rinker will be our new Youth/FMC Director.  Josh has the God given potential and desire to serve our youth very well and potentially take our FMC to the next level.  In fact, when he and I spoke, it was evident that he has a huge heart for FMC Ministry and developing a roadway for our FMC patrons to become FBC members.


Second, in July the Canadian Vision Tour Delegation will be in Vancouver, British Columbia learning about church planting there.  This delegation, the missions committee and Pastor Bret and I will be poised to report and recommend to the church if and/or where God wants FBCD to partner with church planting on Canadian soil.  This commitment to church planting is so much more than planning future mission trips.  It is about establishing, developing, and nurturing a relationship with a church plant in Canada for years to come. It will mean we will be sending people and resources to the church plant.  It will also mean people from the Canadian church plant will come here and be a part of what we are doing in the Parkland.


Two exciting decisions with two significant results.  I pray our decisions will reflect this church flowing into the will of God.  For flowing away from God will would be heart-breaking. Have you been praying? Have you been seeking?  Have you been hoping?  Are you ready?   







*Illustration comes from a book written by Francis Schaeffer