Your Pastor’s Perspective – April 2015

Many of you have informed me of your interest in Canadian mission work I’ve been writing about for a few months.  This has made the Missions Committee and me excited about the church’s excitement over Canadian mission work. 


Let me share with you what we know about our future participation in  ministry on Canadian soil.  A delegation of staff, Missions Committee members and a deacon will travel to Toronto in May  and Vancouver in July to attend a North American Mission Board Vision Tour for those areas.  It is during that time the delegation will get a chance to be on the field chatting with the NAMB coordinator and the church planters in that specific area. This will help us to determine which city is God’s call for our church to assist in evangelism and church planting. 
The delegation from our church will first and foremost seek God’s direction.  However, they will also look at aspects of Toronto and Vancouver’s church planting need in way of resources,  teaching teams, preaching teams, construction teams, outreach teams etc.


After the July Vision Tour, the delegation will report back to the Missions Committee and ultimately to the church.  It is then that a prayerful decision will be made as to where we will begin focusing energy on church planting on Canadian soil.  This will allow us to use the Fall season to fully educate ourselves about the souls that live in that targeted area including, but not limited to, their culture, history, and other demographic variables. For the best way to reach the lost is to know the lost.


The Exciting Part


You may think that  everything written before and above excites me.   Not necessarily.  I cannot wait to do ministry on Canadian soil.  What excites me, however, is that this potential endeavor mirrors that of the Book of Acts.  Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Luke and others went on three recorded missions trips to preach the Gospel to the lost and to plant local churches.  That is absolutely vital to the work of the Great Commission as manifested in the Book of Acts.  Where souls were saved, churches were planted and nurtured for years. 


What excites me is The First Baptist Church of Desloge gets to take part in planting a church on Canadian soil. A church that we will have a prolonged relationship with and a personal and financial investment with, too. I am excited that we will get to rejoice and cry with the church plant as God works and wills and souls are saved and added to that church.  How awesome is that?!  Our Kingdom Footprint—reaching the Parkland, reaching Canada, and   reaching the world through the agency of our Cooperative Program dollars and people boarding plans, cars, campers, or whatever taking the Gospel with them as the go—increases as God    bestows His favor upon us as we willingly be Ambassadors for Christ.