Your Pastor’s Perspecitve – May 2015

May is upon us and the reality that 2015 is nearly half over absolutely boggles my mind.  Last week my son began the daily report of how many days of school are left until summer vacation. It’s not that he dislikes school. He just likes summer better!


As I think about summer, I do so with an eye on the church calendar.  Folks, things are not slowing down at FBC Desloge. There are so many ministry, missions, camps, and fellowship opportunities this summer.  Many of these are provided for our members to invite family and friends to attend in order to give them  exposure to what the Lord is doing through this church.  All of these events are meant for our members to both serve and participate in various means.


Certainly, I want all of us to enjoy our summer vacation times with family and friends.  However, we would be remiss if summer was used as a means to “checkout” of church for 112 days of summer vacation.


Now let’s turn our attention to a glorious event in May: Graduation!  Students in High School, College, and beyond will be receiving diplomas and degrees as a mark of the mastery of the course content of that particular level of education. It is an exciting time of year for        graduates and a bitter sweet time for parents. In reality, Becky and I are only three years away from Cherith’s High School graduation. When I think about that I am reminded of years spent watching her (and all of our kids) grow. However, I also know that as a parent my job before God is not to position my children to accomplish my will for them, but to accomplish God’s will. 


Here is what I hope to prevent. When I was a student chaplain in college, my heart broke for students who were in majors they had no passion for. They were in those majors because mom and dad told them to do it.  That is miserable.  For those blessed few that God was able to put in majors that He had gifted and prepared them for, they absolutely blossomed, became    better students, and had a greater zeal for the Lord.


So parents, if your young adult child is at a point in his/her life that a decision needs to be made about the future, robustly advise him/her.  Might I caution to only give advice so that your child ultimately responds to God.  I say this because Becky and I have seen firsthand     parents telling their children what career to pursue or what major in college to earn.  As a parent I understand that natural tendency.  However, our job is not to direct our young adult children’s lives.  Our job is to point our young adult children to the Lord and help them to discern God’s will for her/him.