Pastor’s Perspective – September 2015

Realizing I sound like Captain Obvious, however, September is here!  At what point did the lazy days of summer become merely a     concept and not a reality?  Our church certainly had a very busy and   productive  summer. The Sunday evening reports of mission trips and camps have been wonderful learning how the Lord worked in the lives of so many people these past few months.


Since Labor day marks the unofficial ending of summer, a very special anniversary in my life happens.  For it was in August 2009 that I   officially began as your pastor. The significance of that anniversary was manifested to me on our Back-to-School Commissioning Sunday.  When I invited Kindergarteners to come forward I realized that those children were not even born in 2009.  Wow! 


In seminary I was taught, we were taught, that significant and meaningful ministry is not measured by seats in the pew, the                implementation of the latest and greatest ministry program (for those come and go), or even the amount of speaking engagements offered on an annual basis.  Significant and meaningful ministry is measured by a pastor living life with his congregation and its community. In fact, I was taught in seminary that blessed is the pastor who gets to live and experience a long tenure with his congregation—experiencing with them, life, death, highs, lows, first day of school, graduations, marriages and then the birth of the next generation.


Tongue firmly planted in cheek, I was also taught in Seminary that pastoring a church is a lot like marriage. If you can make it through year 7, then the likelihood of success increases exponentially. Here we go!