Pastor’s Perspective – March 2015

Hold on to your hats!  Not because of coming Springtime winds and storms, but because of the beginning of a very, very busy time of year.


In just a few weeks our Upward Basketball and Cheerleading season will be over. So far this has been an absolutely fantastic season. Crowds, teams, games, halftime devotion/worship; all of it has been a pleasure to watch.  Like last year, however, we want to do our best to invite to our church those in Upward who do not have a church home. Therefore, on Sunday morning, March 15 we will have “Pancakes and Handshakes” prior to Sunday School.  This will give us an opportunity to invite Upward folks to our church for a meal and to experience fellowship, discipleship, and corporate worship with us.


Your participation with “Pancakes and Handshakes” is vital for a couple of reasons.  First, your attendance will build excitement in the fellowship hall and in your Sunday School class.  Second, when you come to “Pancakes and Handshakes” make it a point to sit with our visitors.  Make them feel welcome.  You can sit with your friends at other times, but during this particular Sunday make sure our visitors feel loved and comfortable by your conversation and by helping them to navigate our building. By the way, please, please, make sure you submit an RSVP to “Pancakes and Handshakes.”  Butch Hammack’s Sunday School class is hosting this event.  Your RSVP will ensure plenty of food is prepared. See the bulletin and flyers in the foyers for RSVP slips.


Many of you may not know that this year’s Upward Award Ceremony speaker is John Park.  He was used of God last year during our Spring Revival.  I know he will be used of God again as a great way to close a great Upward season.  As of writing this article, the Upward Commissioners and church staff are working on a plan to do two award ceremonies based upon age divisions of the teams.  If you have seen the crowds on any given Sunday, you will realize the only way to accommodate a safe and comfortable awards ceremony is by having two ceremonies. Look to the newsletter and/or upcoming bulletins for more details.


Finally, March will end with another event that is meant to help connect our Upward patrons to the church.  On Palm Sunday evening the church will host Pastor DJ Edwards who will perform an evangelistic magic show.  This will be a great evening for the family to attend AND for you to invite your neighbors and friends.  DJ is certainly a gifted minister and magician. I know he will wow us.  I also know he will take us to Jesus and present the beautiful gift of salvation he earned on our behalf on the cross.