Pastor’s Perspective – August 2015

Rick Simmons and I had lunch do not get to have lunch together as often as I would like.  In fact, the last time we had lunch we spent time discussing the view of call weekend for Josh Rinker and the church’s unanimous vote to call him as the next    Youth/FMC Director. Both of us were—and still are—excited about Josh’s call to the church.


As like other lunch discussions, however, the conversation turned to the topic of trucks.  Who doesn’t appreciate the newest truck model at the dealerships?  Oddly enough, Rick and I determined that we no longer have an interest in what the big three annually introduce to the market.  Rick’s reason is his to share. Mine, however, is      twofold.  First, I would never, ever, ever buy a vehicle that is valued nearly half (sometimes more than half) of the purchase price of my home. Second, I am no longer impressed by the new models.  What I am impressed with is a well restored truck of the 1980s and early 1990s.  I believe that is a result of age; for those era trucks are the trucks of my teenage years.


I am 42 years old and I can honestly say the past the Lord has given me is wonderful.  Its comes with blessings, great memories, wonderful experiences, and close relationships. Mingled in are times of brokenness, doubt, fear, uncertainty, and sadness; however, every good and difficult time has been used of God to grow and refine me into the man I am need to be for His glory.


Therefore, what are you doing with your past?  Does it pull you back, propel you to the future, or paralyze you in the present? God’s plan is that your past prepares you for the present so that you can glorify Him each day.


Adults, why not lead your kid(s) by example and live a life lived well lived to the glory of God!  Show them what God can do with one’s past and present.  Inspire them to serve the Saviour.  Help them to see that the past is not what destroys a person.  The past is what makes a person; provided one’s past has be restored by the wonderful redemptive hands of God.